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President Hamlet
He doesn?t know what to do. Of all the issues raised by President Obama?s conduct toward Syria, that is the most worrisome. He?s had a year ? a year ? to think this through, to consider the options, to consult his advisers, to make plans. And when the moment... ... more

Lhota Takes the plate
Well, Joe Lhota seems to have weathered Kittygaffe. Quinnipiac University?s pollsters yesterday reported that Lhota, a former deputy mayor and a man who speaks his mind, maintains an impressive lead in next Tuesday?s Republican mayoral primary. So much for the ?dis kittens and die? meme that overtook holiday-weekend... ... more

Bill de Blasio?s war on good schools
Bill de Blasio?s campaign theme is a ?Tale of Two Cities.? Yet his pronouncements suggest that, as mayor, he?d create his own tale of two cities: one for families who made the same choice as he did for his child, a district-run public school, whom he?ll support... ... more

The left strikes back
New Yorkers haven?t voted for a liberal Democratic mayor in nearly a quarter century. But if yesterday?s Quinnipiac poll is any clue, that may change this year. A large swath of the Democratic Party apparently favors rejecting the Bloomberg record in favor of a more left-wing direction. The... ... more

Damascus and the dictators
President Obama was supposed to be the smart one. Yet only now ? after losing the support of our old friend, Britain ? does it seem to be dawning on him that an offhand remark about red lines has escalated into a global test of American credibility. Here?s how Secretary of... ... more

Fast-food wage follies: Bye-bye to cheap burgers
The Issue: Fast-food workers striking across the nation to demand an increase in the minimum wage. *** We need to rein in the corruption of big government tied to big unions, such as the Service Employees International Union, which is now organizing young fast-food workers with the unconscionable notion of doubling... ... more

Holder in the schoolhouse door
The old segregationist Louisiana pol William M. Rainach would be mystified, but impressed. Back in his day in the 1950s, locking black kids into inferior schools was a simple matter of racial prejudice. He?d surely marvel that six decades later, the nation?s first African-American attorney general had found... ... more

The war Congress
John Kerry and Chuck Hagel had it right on Syria yesterday. During televised testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Secretary of State Kerry asserted that Congress? decision on a strike will let the world know if we are willing to ?follow through on the things that we say matter... ... more

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