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?Dead? girl wakes up at her own funeral
A 3-year-old girl who was pronounced dead after a fever woke up a day later ? in a coffin, during her funeral ceremony. Police confirmed the incredible incident to the Philippine... ... more

Cronut creator goes after mom-and-pop creaux-nut bakery
SHREVEPORT, La. ? A northwest Louisiana restaurant’s croissant-doughnut hybrid is getting a new name ? Juggernut, Highlander or Steve. Lizz Bowen and her husband, Scott Roebuck, got a cease-and-desist letter... ... more

Thug fires randomly into crowd in brazen nightclub shooting
A Connecticut man was arrested on Sunday after he recklessly fired his pistol into a crowd of people outside a nightclub — injuring five. Stamford police said that 22-year-old Dayron... ... more

Feds building criminal fraud case against GM
Federal prosecutors are developing a criminal fraud case hinged on whether General Motors made misleading statements about a deadly ignition switch flaw, and are examining activity dating back a decade,... ... more

Officials to search Costa Concordia for lost body before scrapping it
Officials recovering the wrecked Costa Concordia promised to search for the one unrecovered body before breaking the ship up for scrap. Franco Gabrielli, who heads the Civil Protection Department overseeing... ... more

Holder: Race is behind political opposition to Obama and me
WASHINGTON ? Attorney General Eric Holder said Sunday that racial animosity is driving some of the political opposition against him and President Obama. ?There?s a certain level of vehemence, it... ... more

Unborn child faces uncertain fate in Sherri Shepherd?s divorce war
This is the story of a modern American marriage ? featuring a brutal divorce battle between a moneyed wife and her poorer spouse, combined with a scary squabble over the... ... more

Babe Ruth?s 1918 contract sells for more than $1 million
Babe Ruth?s 1918 contract ? inked two years before he became a Yankee ? sold for more than $1 million at a Baltimore auction. The high-end sale came one day... ... more

Vatican denies Pope quote that ?2 percent of clerics are pedophiles?
Calling the problem ?a leprosy in our house,? Pope Francis said that about 2 percent of the world?s Catholic clerics are pedophiles, an Italian newspaper said Sunday. Pope Francis vowed... ... more

Teen dies after hitting bridge while standing on tour bus
LOS ANGELES ? Authorities say a teenage boy who struck a bridge while standing on the top section of a double-decker tour bus has died. JUST IN: Teen hurt on... ... more

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