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This dolphin wishes it was a ?Navy seal?
This submarine test run went swimmingly ? for a dolphin that hitched a ride on the massive Navy vessel?s surf. America?s new Virginia-class attack sub ? which is nuclear-powered for... ... more

The other woman in presidential race bashes Hillary
Carly Fiorina took a swipe at Hillary Rodham Clinton?s carefully crafted presidential campaign Wednesday by holding a press conference outside the South Carolina hotel where the former secretary of state... ... more

How a wire-wearing ex-FIFA honcho rocked the soccer world
The $150 million FIFA bribery scandal that rocked the international soccer world Wednesday unraveled when a high-living fat cat who grew up in Queens went to work for the FBI... ... more

Tracy Morgan settles lawsuit: ?Walmart did right by me?
Wal-Mart has thrown in the towel and agreed to settle a civil lawsuit brought on by actor Tracy Morgan -- who was severely injured during a car crash last year... ... more

Chicago cops posed with suspect in disturbing ?hunting? photo
A disgusting display of police work has surfaced in Chicago -- where two white cops were caught on camera pretending to be hunters as they posed with rifles alongside a black suspect dressed in deer antlers. ... more

Drugs, boxing, naked girls: Why Penn State withdrew recognition from frat
Penn State University on Tuesday said it was withdrawing recognition from a fraternity for three years after members were accused of posting pictures they took of mostly undressed women onto... ... more

Corruption at FIFA ?rampant, systemic and deep-rooted,? US charges
Top FIFA officers were arrested in Switzerland on Wednesday, as part of a massive US prosecution of world soccer bigs for ?corruption that is rampant, systemic, and deep-rooted,? officials said.... ... more

College lab tech arrested for selling date-rape drug
A chemistry lab technician at Auburn University was arrested Friday after allegedly selling a large amount of date rape drug, police say. ... more

Internet troll who claimed Obama is gay banned from Twitter
The world?s most notorious troll has been banned from Twitter six years after he joined, but his social media silencing is unlikely to last. Charles Johnson, a journalist and ?debunker... ... more

Daredevil geologist snaps photos on volcano
An Italian geologist is living life on the edge ? of a volcano! A little lava didn?t scare Francesco Pandolfo, who got dangerously close to Mount Nyirangongo to get an... ... more

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