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Super drunk woman arrested after mistaking jail for bar
PAW PAW, Mich. ? One is a building with bars. The other is a building with a bar. A very drunk woman apparently had trouble telling them apart and ended... ... more

Spanish nursing assistant infected with Ebola recovers
MADRID ? Spain says a test has shown a nursing assistant who became infected with Ebola is now clear of all traces of the virus. A blood test has revealed... ... more

Health worker on cruise tests negative for Ebola
The Dallas health care worker who sparked fears of Ebola ?on a cruise to Mexico tested negative for the disease Sunday as the ship finally returned to the United States.... ... more

Bear bites off boy?s arm after he tried to feed it
BEIJING ? A bear in central China has bitten off the arm of a 9-year-old boy who tried to feed it through its cage, state media and a doctor said... ... more

Riot breaks out at college pumpkin festival
New Hampshire cops donned riot gear, arrested 14 people and fired tear gas into crowds of bottle-throwing revelers at a pumpkin festival that degenerated into chaos, officials said Sunday. At... ... more

Twins separated at birth reveal their incredible reunion story
Two years ago, on a chilly, gray, rainy Saturday afternoon in London, Ana´s Bordier received a screenshot, sent by a friend, of a young woman in America who looked exactly... ... more

North and South Korea exchange gunfire along border
SEOUL, South Korea ? North Korean and South Korean troops exchanged fire Sunday along their heavily fortified border in the second such shooting in less than 10 days, South Korean... ... more

Sharpton calls on feds to indict Ferguson cop for shooting death
A decision on whether a Missouri grand jury will criminally charge the police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black teen in Ferguson is a month away ? but the... ... more

Travel ban could stop Ebola virus from spreading: Obama critics
Banning travel from Ebola-stricken West African countries could keep the deadly virus from spreading in the United States, say critics of President Obama?s claim that such a ban would only... ... more

A toxic president
Chalk it up to karma, fate or bad luck. Whatever you call it, the Ebola scare is proof that Bad Things Happen to Bad Presidents. The morphing of what is... ... more

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